Q1. What do my advert performance stats mean?

The performance of your adverts is split up into a number of areas:

  • Calls – The number of phone calls that your adverts have generated. This data will only be displayed if you opted to have a “Call Counter” number included in your advert.
  • Call outcomes – A breakdown of the end result of the calls that your adverts have generated. Was the call answered, was the line engaged or did the call go unanswered?
  • Click-thrus – The number of times the link in your adverts have been clicked on (taking the customer through to your website from ours).
  • Interactions – The number of times a customer has “interacted” with your advert. Interactions are recorded when your advert is returned and then viewed in the search results. We record when a customer opens your advert, clicks around it and views video and images within it.
  • Views – The number of times your advert has appeared on a page being viewed on Yell.com or the Yell.com mobile application.

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Q2. Why do I get an error when trying to view my advert's performance online?

We’re not able to display the performance stats for your adverts until they’ve been live for one month. Once your adverts have been live for one month, we’ll update your advert’s performance within your account management area to show this.

Unfortunately, our Customer Services team are not able to provide your performance stats until your advert has been live for one month either.

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Q3. Can I find out how well my Search Marketing: PPC products are performing?

We’re working hard to add this feature to our account management area, so please give our Customer Services team a call, free, on 0800 555 444 in the mean time. They’ll be able to tell you how your Search Marketing: PPC products are performing in more detail.

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Q4. How do I breakdown the stats so I can see which stats are for which ad?

The advert performance data we display online is an aggregated/combined figure of the overall performance for all of your adverts, updated on a once-monthly basis. We’re not currently able to break this down any further online, so please give our Customer Services team a call on 0800 555 444 for more detail on how your adverts are performing.

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Q5. Can I download my performance data into Microsoft Excel?

To get your performance data downloaded into Microsoft Excel, please give our Customer Services team a call, free, on 0800 555 444. They’ll be able to arange it for you.

It’s not yet possible to download your performance data into Microsoft Excel from your account management area. We’re working hard to add this feature.

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